How I Modeled The Knight Bus from Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkeban

Using Wood Carving, Vacuum Forming, Plastic Shaping, Painting, Special Building Jigs, Model‑Making and Custom Appliques

making the knight bus

by Eliot R. Brown

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Search For An Off-The-Shelf Prisoner of Azkeban Triple Decker Bus Toy

Chapter 1: Sketching and Planning

Chapter 2: Carving the Pattern To Be Vacuum Formed Out of Wood

Chapter 3: Vacuum Forming — Trial, Error and Success

Chapter 4: The Windows, Wheel Wells and Grille

Chapter 5: The Driver's Indentation

Chapter 6: Vacuum Forming the Fleet

Chapter 7: Preparing the Bodies for the Radio Controlled Chassis

Chapter 8: Priming and Painting the Bodies

Chapter 9: Painting the Windows of the Knight Bus

Chapter 10: Signage, Touch-up, and Finish

Introduction   introduction