Cover Art by Jim Lee

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USAS-12 – Page 4

USAS-12 - The Punisher Armory No. 2, June, 1991, Page 4

USAS-12 – Page 4

From Marvel Comics The Punisher Armory No 2


“The Gilbert Equipment Company of Mobile, Alabama, and Daewoo Precision Industries of South Korea have produced a fabulous, well- engineered weapon. The Universal Sporting Automatic Shotgun-12, or USAS-12, looks just like a big M-16, but with the right load, can throw up a virtual wall of lead.

For example, the USAS-12 has a 10 round magazine (shown) and when loaded with #00 buckshot, using a short magnum load or 12 pellets instead of the usual 9 (the USAS- 12 only takes the shorter 2 3/4″ shells to begin with), this gun rocks ‘n‘ rolls at 360 shots per minute — 6 shots per second! That’s a lot of lead flyin’ around.

This is a heavy gun — 12 pounds will get to you after a while, and the loaded 20 round drum weighs 4 pounds. But there’d nothing quite like this gun, either. When loaded with 12 gauge ` rifled slugs, at almost .70 caliber and weighing an ounce each, you could practically bring a semi-tractor trailer rig to a halt!”

Published by Marvel Comics in The Punisher Armory No. 2, June, 1991

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