Modeling -- Sculpting And Casting A Resin Statue

Sculpting and Casting a Resin Statue
Using Sculpey, Armature Wire, Acid‑Etched Brass and Rubber Molds


Shaundra is a fantasy comic book figure whose adventures have been published by Rip-Off Press, Fantagraphics and Carnal Comics. She was created by a writer and illustrator who calls himself Philo, who is a pal of mine. Philo invested her and her stories with a great deal of fun. Philo always tries to make the stories plausible and self-contained, but the decade-long story line has expanded to fill a rich and involving world. Magic only means one will run into witches, evil mages, demons and monsters of all kinds. You know … the usual stuff!

Shaundra is an adult answer to the barbarian characters who populated comics in the early 1970s and 80s. She is a buxom mercenary and a gifted swordswoman. She lives in a sort of parallel but very familiar universe — one where magic, and all the complications therein, are real. Could be the Dark Ages, could be the rougher edges of the Renaissance. Here is a tame, action page showing Shaundra doing what she does (second) best:

Modeling -- Sculpting And Casting A Resin Statue

Shaundra is dressed much the same throughout the series and is almost always with her somewhat interesting and difficult to model sword. Her clothing choices are simple. Blue-jean-like pants, simple leather boots and a white shirt, cuffs rolled to the elbow.

Modeling -- Sculpting And Casting A Resin Statue

Shaundra’s hair proved to be a troublesome element to turn into 3D. Philo developed a swirling, stranded look that flowed down most of her back. There was a poofy set of bangs up front and then … a … dratted single, tendril-like shaft of hair that hung outward, in front of one eye. The massive piles of hair were challenge enough, the hair in front of the one eye meant a separate casting.

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