Modeling -- Sculpting And Casting A Resin Statue

Sculpting and Casting a Resin Statue
Using Sculpey, Armature Wire, Acid‑Etched Brass and Rubber Molds

by Eliot R. Brown

Table of Contents

Introduction: Introducing Shaundra

Chapter 1: Gathering Reference, Poses and Proportions

Chapter 2: Using Armature Wire

Chapter 3: Massing the Body

Chapter 4: The Sword And How To Acid-Etch Brass

Chapter 5: "Cooking" Sculpey In A Slow Oven

Chapter 6: Checking Progress And Completing the Sword

Chapter 7: Head Sculpting and Emergency Molding

Chapter 8: Sculpting The Hair — Twice

Chapter 9: Finishing And Surface Prep

Chapter 10: Rubber Mold Making, Casting And Production

Chapter 11: Resources and Acknowledgments

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