From the Punisher Armory No. 2 Page 32:

This gun isn’t a very good gun.

This gun shoots no known caliber, barely has sights and doesn’t even shoot what it does shoot very well.

It’s no ‘wonder nine’, accepts no scope of any kind; has no accessories for that matter, unless you count the ratty, vinyl-like holster that came with it.

It certainly isn’t gun-metal tough ; I probably could shatter it with my bare hands. It most likely would rust, if I let it. But it’s my most important gun.

When it saw its heaviest duty, it was the best gun there was. It could slide from that low-slung holster like a natural thought. It fired fifty, well-placed rounds squarely into the bad guys, whether they were gangsters or Indians or just young buddies up the block.

This was my little boy’s gun. Now I hold onto it and now and then, use it.

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