From the Punisher Armory No. 2 Inside Back Cover:

Welcome back to the world of the Punisher. Violent, often harsh, always uncompromising. Like his weapons. As the technology he uses improves, so must he. As in any arms race, there are only losers and winners. Frank Castle — better known as the Punisher — is a winner. He wages an ugly war against the criminal dregs of humanity, their lieutenants and their underlings. They live by the sword and they die by the ever-evolving sword. This collection of Punisher Tech Files focuses not only on the hows but occasionally includes the ‘whys‘, lending insight into both. The Punisher, a seemingly unstoppable vigilante, and Frank Castle, the driven man poised on a knife-edge, with dark reason on one side and a darker illegality on the other. This volume would be incomplete if I did not thank my friends and associates, especially Don and Kevin, John Wellington, and my wife Arlene. Their patience and tolerance in assembling this Armory has been monumental and almost makes the task seem easy.  — Eliot R. Brown

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