From the Punisher Armory No. 2 Page 31:

I not only never forgot that little episode, I leaned more about flare guns, That gawky pistol is a big. tough WWII Webley & Scott 37mm "signaI projector." So reliable I elected to hold onto it even though the huge variety of new flare cartridges are NATO standard 26.5mm.

So those two cylinders under the barrel are 37mm- to-26.5mm and 37mm-to-12 gauge shell adaptors. Right next to them are 12 ga. noisemakers. Back of the butt are 6 37mm "Air Burst Simulators" which make a vary loud bang for when l want to rattle cages. At bottom is a 26.5mm "4 stars red" signal cartridge. Oh yeah; I sewed up that nylon bag after a day's shopping spree in New York’s Garment District.

That little stamped-metal pistol (broken open) is what they hand out at NATO today - hummph. I also decided I wanted to see the inside of one of those 26.5mm parachute flares. Pretty cute. huh? The little fins pop out when it clears the tube.

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