From Iron Man's Iron Manual Page 21:

Well, I made it work. Here is my one trip to the resting site of the Titanic, using my Deep Submergence Suit. The wreck is illuminated by a 400 watt BG laser from a satellite platform that is in a polar orbit and 65 miles up. From the surface, I must add, because it must also pass through the 2 1/2 miles of water to this lonely tribute to the arrogance of man

l am hovering over the bridge, now exposed, as the walls have been scraped free on the wild ride down that mid-night of April 14/15, 1912. The brass telemotor device which transmitted commands to the engine room, is left standing and without its frail wooden steering wheel. Visible on the well deck, sitting on top of one of the loading cranes is the flopped crow’snest, where Second Officer Lightolier saw the approaching mass of ice.

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