From Iron Man's Iron Manual Page 18:

Perhaps the ultimate in CAD/CAM let ·loose is the micro-turbines which allow my suit to fly. I had previously used a chemical rocket that was fairly limited, even though it worked. My computers whipped this up during a Model improvement design implementation. They had finally worked out the materials and developed the blend of exotic manufacturing techniques needed to make one. They turned out so small that three are in the ankle of each boot.

Together, the 6 micro-turbines generate over 2,000 lbs. thrust. They do this by ingesting a combination of regular air and ignited liquid oxygen. One inset below shows a sketch of one of the molecular sieves which extracts and liquefies oxygen. Despite the small intake area, the oxygen molecule filtration (oxygen atoms travel in pairs) sieve, if unfolded, would cover 20 square feet. The three stage electronic cooling also makes use of a sort of micro-turbine to pump the LOX to the engines.

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