From Iron Man's Iron Manual Page 17:

When I had this place built, I decided not to let HOMER design it. I felt that a more human touch was required. l am, after all, human. But, l did want to explore the answers to the question, what is a house?

Everyone thinks of different things when one hears the word, “house.” I've lived in apartments, large apartments (a cooperative), houses, a mansion for a summer, even a desert island lean-to (a college final exam on so-called ‘primitive' sea— going celestial navigation went awry. or adrift.) Although I'd lived well during the buiId-up of my corporation; believing that hard work deserves rewards, I put too many hours into the endeavor and never had the time to really make a home for myself. Ultimately, I chose to call my Pacific Palisades home, ‘Retreat.‘ Just as in war, one retreats when the bad guys are hounding your tail, so, this is where I go to lick my wounds — sometimes literally.

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