From Iron Man's Iron Manual Page 7:

So I built this lightning bolt chamber. I found that by changing some of the parameters of nature (the atmosphere and its ingredients) I could get a lot closer to a nuke's EMP than I would have thought.

By the way. that is not me in the test stand brace. I'II climb in soon enough. I believe in all all-up testing, but even I think the first few multigigawatt shots are best observed from behind nice, thick walls.

Does make a pretty picture though reminds me of James Whale`s1931 movie, Frankenstein.

Also, by the way, my designed-in EMP 'hardness,' or resistance to the effects, works rather well. There is much use of gallium arsenide microcircuitry which holds onto its electrons better than silicon does, and it is able to reinitialize the suit within 40 nanoseconds. Not bad; not great either.

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