From Iron Man's Iron Manual Page 6:

I deposited precise patterns of metals layer by layer. Every method of fabrication was tried and also combinations of those methods. For example, in a suit communication computer tile, metal vapor deposition was used to fashion a base onto which a substrate of gallium arsenide was placed. Then a single level of an integrated circuit pattern was etched using direct-writing electron beams, which boil away parts of the circuitry that isn't wanted. Then other levels of IC material were placed and successively etched — as many as 65 to achieve the packing density the suit needed. Then, electrical edge connections were made and protective layers placed over that and the last metal vapor deposition layer went over all that. But this doesn't describe any other layer of this single tile. Since the present day suit has over 2 million tiles, you can see, I'd still be making that first one.

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