From Iron Man's Iron Manual Page 3:

We all like to putter late at night. What l like to play with when nothing else is pressing, is the eyepiece imaging symbology. I have a nice setup that allows me to simulate new ways of looking at things. Or not look at them. That is the real trouble: what to show and what to eliminate.

I used to have all sorts of colors and shapes that would jitter around things and either cluster information- around the object or bring my attention to it. That was OK when I was moving slowly, like walking on the ground. but when In flight, that could get downright dangerous. Looking away to read a piece of information for a halt second could mean traveling 300 lest without looking.

Nowadays, I directly write a screen-full of information onto my retina. The eye attitude sensors cause the write-beam to follow my field of view. That way the symbols seem to be rock steady ‘out there'.

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