Cover Art by Jim Lee

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Extermination Robot – Page 24

Extermination Robot - The Punisher Armory No. 2, June, 1991, Page 24

Extermination Robot – Page 24

From Marvel Comics The Punisher Armory No 2

Extermination Robot:

“Micro tells me you have to walk this thing through its territory and then it’ll never forget where it is. It sees by IR edge detection and contrast. It detects people by their body heat and can track and lock its gut to them. It can chase them up stairs and hit a top speed of 40 mph on straightaways. Its gun is a salvaged General Electric 30mm electric Gattling minigun chambered in 7.62 mm and which fires at 6,000 rounds per minute. The bit ammo canister holds 20,000 rounds.”

Published by Marvel Comics in The Punisher Armory No. 2, June, 1991

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