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SIG P-228 – Page 16

SIG P-228 - The Punisher Armory No. 2, June, 1991, Page 16

SIG P-228 – Page 16

From Marvel Comics The Punisher Armory No 2

SIG P-228:

“Extended magazines have been around for a long time. Every time you think you’ve brought enough rounds with you. you find you could use a few more. As I do try to walk around this fair city without clanking too loudly, I try to keep my hardware to a minimum. But it’s the age-old problem — am I buying a quart of milk or fighting World War Ill?

At about the same time, I saw these ‘beIt pouches and got acquainted with the SIG P-228. Heir to two earlier SIGs, it is the best trade-off between small size and firepower. Chambered in 9mm. the standard magazine gives 15+1 rounds. But with the extended mag in place, twenty plus one! With one of these capacious belt-gimmicks carrying a P-228 with a standard mag and two 20- round mags. I’d say was ready to fight WWIII. “40 rounds of trouble”, to paraphrase Damon Runyon, but still quite comforting.”

Published by Marvel Comics in The Punisher Armory No. 2, June, 1991

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