Cover Art by Jim Lee

Random Guns – Page 28

Random Guns - The Punisher Armory No. 1, July, 1990, Page 28

Random Guns – Page 28

From Marvel Comics The Punisher Armory No 1

Random Guns:

“It may sound uncharacteristically immodest, but any gun, any time also has to be backed up by solid training. I’ve got quite a collection of old guns, some of which have been pulled on me, others I’ve found lying around. On rare occasions, I’ve had to pick one up and start shooting.

They’re not my cup of tea, usually not what I’d prefer in combat, but it can be a crap shoot out there, and I like affecting the odds.

So I train with random guns. I throw a blanket over several guns, mix ‘em up, reach under and start shooting.

Here is a small selection of guns likely to be found anywhere. Top left, a neat little Ladysmith revolver — a .38 Special with a 2″ barrel; next to it is a tiny Beretta automatic, a 7-shot 25; below it a big Sturm, Ruger .22 target pistol (can’t wait to shoot that, these fine pistols are called ‘tack drivers’, and I anticipate making one .22 caliber-sized hole with all ten shots); finally, the big guy: an old Smith & Wesson pre-WWII .38-44 (pre-.357, too … the ‘44’ refers to cartridge length) M-20 Heavy Duty. ”

Published by Marvel Comics in The Punisher Armory No. 1, July, 1990

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