Cover Art by Jim Lee

Glock-19 – Page 10

Glock-19 - The Punisher Armory No. 1, July, 1990, Page 10

Glock-19 – Page 10

From Marvel Comics The Punisher Armory No 1


“Anyone who hefts the Glock-19 might be surprised that a plastic gun weighs so much (over 22 ounces) and, of course, the gun is 80% metal. The other big plus is that, even unmodified, the Glock-19 hold 15 rounds of 9mm ammo, a very useful 17 if the +2 clip is used! For such a small gun, that is a lot of firepower. It beats the Browning Llamma by 4 rounds.

Gaston Glock did one new thing which he called safe action. Simply expressed, the safety is more-or-less built into the trigger. And you don’t have to release the trigger for rounds to chamber after each shot. Which makes for very rapid fire when you become accustomed to the feel.”

Published by Marvel Comics in The Punisher Armory No. 1, July, 1990

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