The Titans Satellite Base

DC Comic's The Titans Satellite Base (USS Argus)

DC Comic’s The Titans Satellite Base

From the The Titans Satellite Base (USS Argus)

“The Titans Satellite base was a space station originally launched into space by the Balkan crimenocracy, Zandia, for the purpose of establishing a planetwide, militarily overwhelming “high ground.” The satellite’s original name was Zbik. From a space platform various acts of aggression and terrorism become much more difficult to halt. Missile launches and high-powered laser attacks on the ground are almost impossible to thwart. This international terrorism was ultimately suppressed by the Titans.

The United States Military’s meta-human-oriented agency, Checkmate, renovated the station so as to perform the task of information gathering in both the lightwave and electromagnetic spectrums. The station was christened USS Argus (United States Space station) as the refitting was performed primarily by the U.S. Navy.”

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