John Romita Sr. & Dave Cockrum

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John Romita Sr. and Dave Cockrum

John Romita Sr. and Dave Cockrum

Marvel Comics editorial offices, 575 Madison Avenue, New York City– about mid-1979. John was the Senior Art Director and Dave worked for him. Exact title not known. John was in an office that now faces the new IBM Building on Madison Ave. Then it was a hole in the ground. Stan had the corner office, then on the Mad Ave side there was a gap for Stan’s secretary –Alice Gordon– next was John’s office. Stan no longer lived in New York having moved to California to develop Marvel properties into animation or TV shows, but he still had his office.

The Marvel offices were in a U-shape. One long Madison Ave leg of the U had executives and some editors. Stan and John were at the start of the U bend, the Bullpen was the bottom of the U and Dave’s office went around the bend to the other leg, the 56th street leg.

A half-minute’s walk to go see John. John was always busy and always had something interesting on his desk. Even if it was to go in and see just how neat everything was, it was always time well spent.

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