From Iron Man's Iron Manual Page 32:

Quite a while back, I realized the need for close operations support. I'd done things solo for such a long time that l had to needlessly risk my neck one last time to make that direction clear. l got art old, air-worthy Cl-l-47 helicopter and completely rebuilt her, increasing her strength and flight duration. Here is where I took a step that seemed foolishly expensive at the time, but has since proved useful. I dreamed up a module that fit inside the craft. Then l developed different mission configurations for several modules. Each one supports a different suit, but they all contain a secure multi-spectral link to the big computers at Stark international. So, there’s a catastrophe unit, conventional forces unit, chemical and biological hazard unit, nuclear-capable forces unit, submarine operations unit, routine patrol and operations unit, finally a stealth operations unit that required a total re-design of the craft.

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